My name is Miladin Matic

I am a selfemployed coach and consultant

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Coaching for test evaluation

Once you have completed the test, it is recommended that you evaluate the results in a one-off personal coaching session.

The coaching lasts 50 minutes and helps you to get the best out of the results.

  • What is your own motivational gift?
  • What does this mean in relation to your own personality?
  • How does this help further?
  • Answers to possible questions and uncertainties

Couples–Coaching with the motivational gifts

  • better understand yourself and your partner
  • Communication / Perception / Approach / Needs / Understanding Motives
  • Unleash strengths
  • Understanding weaknesses and blind spot

Personality–Coaching with the motivational gifts

  • more in-depth examination of one's own personality structure
  • dealing with your own strengths and weaknesses
  • dealing with other people (family, work, friends)

  • Reflection and dealing with conflicts

Team–Coaching with the motivational gifts

  • making team synergies usable
  • weakening conflict potential in the team
  • strengthening relationships in the team

Lectures and Workshops

  • customized lectures about the motivational gifts
  • customized workshops on the motivational gifts